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Kryton Builds a Sustainable Future with a State-of-the-Art Facility in Calgary, Canada

Nov 2021 edition

Kryton International Inc

(Calgary, Canada) — Kryton International Inc. has completed the construction of a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Calgary, Alberta.

The plant is operated by Cementec Industries Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Kryton acquired in 2017. Cementec manufactures and distributes award-winning Hard-Cem®, a unique integral hardening admixture that increases concrete resistance to abrasion and erosion. Cementec is also the only manufacturer of silica fume products in Western North America. Con-Fume® is widely used to add durability to concrete construction, and XL-Fume® is used in mining, oil, and gas infrastructure.

“The acquisition of Cementec in 2017 supported our global strategy to provide our customers with products that support sustainable concrete construction,” says Kari Yuers, the President and CEO of Kryton. “Not only in the fact that our products increase concrete durability and reduce lifetime CO2 emissions, but also in the fact that we are recycling post-industrial material to create high-quality products that are designed to improve concrete performance and sustainability.”

These products are part of Kryton’s suite of Smart Concrete® solutions, which are all designed to help builders meet today’s strict building standards, new OSHA regulations, and tight deadlines while also reducing skilled labor requirements. It’s this type of innovative technology that allows the construction sector to meet the challenge to build sustainably while overcoming the global impacts of the pandemic.


“Our products are used in residential and infrastructure projects as well as in mining, oil, and gas projects,” says Kari. “In Canada, you’ll find our products in notable projects such as the Site C Dam, Golden Ears Bridge, Vancouver Convention Centre, New Afton Mine, and the Calgary Ring Road. We also have projects coming online in the United States, England, and Indonesia, and we are now exporting to Australia and China.”

This rapidly increasing demand meant that Kryton had to begin planning for the new facility immediately after the acquisition of Cementec. Built on 4.5 acres, the facility is designed to accommodate at least 10 times the output of the previous plant to ensure a stable supply chain for customers locally and as a specialty export to Kryton’s worldwide distribution network.

Not only is the space bigger, but it also boasts a number of significant technological upgrades to increase energy efficiency and operate with a lower carbon footprint. Process automation will accommodate the need to scale up production, and state-of-the-art quality control processes ensure compliance with nationally recognized specifications.

“The decision to stay in Calgary made perfect sense,” says Kari. “Calgary was the birthplace of this technology, and we have been able to retain our dedicated and knowledgeable team who are a key part of our success.”

Kryton will commemorate the opening of the new facility in 2022 as soon as it is safe to gather.

“Even during the pandemic, our commitment to this project never wavered,” says Kari. “We look forward to connecting with our colleagues, customers, and partners in Calgary soon to celebrate.”

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