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Nov 2021 edition

CEO JOSÉ SERRANO Hygolet de México
Toilet with Fluxometer - TOTO


Function of Toilet

HYGOLET of México is a company that has been more than 30 years of experience in sales and furniture and accessories for bathroom distribution, it was founded in December of 1990 by Act. José Maria Serrano Mendoza, it is always in constantly search in order to offer innovation and comprehensive products, and also brands to Mexican market.

Since its foundation with the first and only product in Mexican market, the sanitary seat of HYGOLET adapts to the toilet and it offers maximum hygiene in each use, which is automatically activated by a motion sensor which has a plastic cover on its seat and thus use a completely clean and new toilet with each use. Currently and after 30 years, this product is still valid in sports clubs, clinics, shops and small businesses, providing complete hygiene to the user in a public bathroom.

But what does HYGOLET do in Mexico?

Is a professional team that is focused on the comprehension solving hygiene, saving and cleaning issues in Mexican bathrooms which are, the offering high quality products to cover bathrooms and toilets operation, in both cases residential and institutional.

The thing in their service characterizes them, thus complying with a mission in order to be and remain with the best option within the construction industry at the residential and institutional level. Proposal includes design, quality, image, innovation and competitive prices in bathroom materials and accessories, responding immediately and satisfactorily to the needs of its customers.

Among the objectives that HYGOLET of Mexico sets itself and complies, there are

  • Great variety of hygiene products, accessories and furniture of the most highest, quality.
  • Great support and technical service on products pieces, furniture and bathroom accessories that are sold.
  • Provides a warm, personalized service and close attention
  • Incorporation of new trends in bathroom design and hygiene, image, accessories for furniture spaces

HYGOLET of Mexico, its vision is in order to be the leader company in construction camp as accessories distributors for bathrooms. Providing comprehensive solutions to meet the demands of the population in terms of hygiene, but also savings and, above all, service


This values that give support are: responsibility, honesty, commitment, loyalty, discipline and trust. HYGOLET of Mexico is a place to buy bathroom accessories, it becomes a warmth and quality experience. It’s a serious and competitive company, which is kept up to date as bathroom accessories distribution. Its catalogue includes more than 20 different brands for both markets: institutional and residential.

On this occasion we presented with the institutional brands of higher rank, and exclusive imported products as premium distribution in international brands. Within this catalogue, the institutional section includes the Japanese brand TOTO, which is pioneer in energy saving products and water flushometers, automatic faucets and vitrified ceramic with a great quality.

SLOAN AND DOCOL, American and Brazilian brands respectively offer high-end taps in addition to ecological, also offer water savings up to 80% along with great energy savings, both brands are the choice in most international airports in United States and Latin America. For its part, VELTIA, a Spanish hand dryer brand has innovated with Zeros mell, Zero Split and Acoustic System technology, which makes the most efficient dryers on the market, with drying in just 10 seconds, no spillage and no odors, moreover it has MICROBAN technologies and HEPA filters specialized in eliminating viruses such as COVID 19 and bacteria.

For furniture and bathroom accessories in stainless steel distributes the Bobrick brand, which has the highest quality in its field and is the best-selling in America, along with their diaper changers from the Koala Kare sub-brand. Both guarantee their quality for use hospital and institutional.

HYGOLET of México has increased its market in the residential area with design products, however, sales in the institutional area, continues to be a point of reference with important projects in airports, stadiums, shopping centers and corporate where the highest quality and durability is required in the sanitary. Always looking to offer the best products with all benefits for users and providing the best options for customers.

It is characterized as a close and familiar company, where each one of the collaborators is a key piece in the commercial growing. With sales consultants of 20 years of experience in the company, always committed is the best option for each one of the projects and clients HYGOLET of Mexico, had to evolve in continue being present in the mind of the consumer, so today to gives versatility and innovation in sales processes and channels, new ideas of the next generation by Lic. Paulina Serrano Capdevielle who has a perfection of the company job, working hand in hand with the Sales Manager Lic. Edna Gonzalez. On the other side, Master Regina Serrano in Strategy and Marketing, leading the technology team with the mathematician Oscar Juarez who has developed a comprehensive platform with a great user experience on With this, the course has been redirected to continue the growth of this great company.

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