The inventory register 9.46 million of m2 of the last trimester closure

April 2022 edition

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Mexico City 13 January 2022, to the 4T2021 Mexico City register 1.2 million of m2 of brute absorption, a big amount of 33% to the register in all 2020. By this part the net absorption register, 575 thousand m2, this is 93% more than the previous year. So with the reduce offers the spaces of great spaces of great surface that continue registering new developments and demands in CDMX, this is the case in Cuautitlan where during 2021 more than 269 thousand m2 where during 2021 more than 269 thousand m2 were commercialized in projects done to the measure inside the corridor, 188 thousand m2 were destinated to the e commerce sector and 81 thousand to manufacture

• The inventory register 9.46 million of m2 to the closure of the last trimester 2021, that represent an annual increment of 4.7%

• The new offer in 2021 reach 412 thousand m2 amount that duplicates to the reported in 2020(215,421 m2)

• The 4T2021 register one cup of vacancy with 5.3% in line to the closure of 2020

In agreement with the Economical Secretary with Foreign Direct Investment in Mexico from January to September 2021 register 24,831.7 million of dollars with a development of 5.7% respectfully to the same period of 2020. The Manufacture and the mineral company have a participation in the investment of 45% and 14% respectfully 4.9 and 8.5 points percentage over the participation made in the same period of 2020, while the sector of financial services and transport reflect a participation of 10.9% and 10.0% respectfully, 7.5 and 1.8 percentage points by the participation in the same period of 2020. Mexico City had 4.109,1 MDP, this is put as the big investment receptor in the country. In this absorption terms, the logistic sector represents the 46% of participation in the amount of 2021, followed with e-commerce with 23% registering increments of 3 and 6 points percentage respectful to the adsorption of 2020; in each in the manufacture and pharmacy sector have one participation of 5% and 4% totally in 2021, putting 8 and 10 points percentage by the register participation of 2020.

Nevertheless the manufacture sector during the last semester, of 2021 have been required industrial spaces to the surface to the e-commerce that is why the developers
continue with the look for surfaces in the earth in order that they can develop. By the other side the spaces for recovering of the city interior as is last profile is
continuing growing and in the last months of the year were given more than 24 thousand m2 To the closure of the fourth trimester of 2021, there is a pipeline of construction for the new year of more than 263,747 m2 concentrated in its big part in CTT (Cuautitlan, Tepozotlan, and Tultitlan) with the following distribution 40.9% in Tepozotlan 33.7, in Cuautitlan and 20.8% in Tultitlan, while the rest 4.8% are spaces in suburban corridors of Mexico City.

Inside the projects, in the planning phase have some register of 805 thousand m2 in the Ctt to the closure of the 4T2021 in Cuautitlan corridor and this concentrates
the 65.6% in Tepozotlan, 23.6% and in Tutltlan the 10 8%. It is speculated that during the first semester of 2022 can begin more constructions of 300 thousand m2. During the 4T2021 the new offer register 29,555m2 in three parts and the year closuere were accumulated mor than 412 thousand m2 in 19 spaces, being 92% were over the accumulated amount in 2020. Tepozotlan register the 55% of new industrial spaces in the year, followed by Tlanepantla with 27% and Vallejo Azcapotzalco with 9%.

The vacancy cup of Mexico City close with 5.3% that is represented by little more of 496,0000 in Mexico City close in 5.3% this represents more than 496,000 m2 of the
industrial vacancy. The corridors that present to the big annual increment in their vacancy cups to the closure of the 4T2021, were Naucalpan, Tultitlán and Huehuetca with 6.5 3.4. and 3.0 points percentages over the 4T2020 register one cup of the 11.8 % while the 4T2020 register one cup of 62.9% reflects the importance of these spaces for the sector and commerce.

The north zone of Mexico City concentrates in the big part of the brute absorption accumulated during 2021. Cuautitlán had the 45% of absorption contemplating more than 260,000 m2 in projects done by measure. In Tepotzotán register the 25% followed by Tultitlan with 11% and Tlanepantla with 8% .

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