Giovanni D’Agostino, Presidente en México y Director Regional para América Latina en Newmark

April 2022 edition

Giovanni D’Agostino
  • Projects Beginning, ways of hybrid job and conditioned spaces between the tendencies
  • The market show to be better the preparation in order to be in front of the adversity

Mexico City 14 December 2021, the most important lesson of the pandemic for the real state market is that and will be continue to be necessaries for working without distractions, to receive clients, and interact for the job, but over all constructing and support of one organization culture.

So this confirms Gionvanni D Angostino, Regional Director president in Mexico for Latin American of Newmark and added to the beginning of the quarantine, there were a extreme speculation over the successful of home office and its possible hegemony, independently of the living time.

“We have given in account of many corporative spaces are corporative and non substitute. Many companies never stop and manage the information in sensible places to the house at home office that it was a risk” confirm the Newmark Mexico. He added to other companies that adopt benefits in the costs, but with the time they are having many troubles of the productivity. Over all, now it has been recovering part of the activities day by day, it has been a god part of the activities day by day, it multiplies the distractions and the employers are losing a great focused.

In the lessons analysis 2021 and perspectives over the real state directive corporative market 2022, many offices in Chile, Perú, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Tijuana, Monterrey and Mexico City, coincide in pointed that is the biggest lesson was known that the market showed to be most prepared for evolute hybrid schemes.

“We don’t believe that the remote job of transform in the only solution and in the biggest. We learned that of the space necessity of people collaboration is the best way of permeate and form the culture and the good practice is to have people in secure and hygienic places in order to foment the development and growing” It was reflected in the analysis Erick Brunet Corporative Global Services economical director of Latin America Newmark (GCS) .

For his part Genaro López Market Investment division analyst of Newmark in Tijuana affirm that with the pandemic observed a decrement in the corporative demand of medical tourism had continued with this developing that has allow one demand for office spaces class A and A+, for consultant use and private clinics.

Meanwhile Rodrigo Gardner Newmark office sector director that the sanitary place allow to explore new forms of job that previously were not justified, but without any doubt the job from home has experience the biggest experiments that have been in the last decades an open the opportunities in order to have talent, without caring the geographics.

By his part. Maria Isabel Gutierrez commercial directress of Newmark office in Lima Peru, underline that the technological use was determinant of achieving new objectives and learning to be with her, because one of the learning lesson in this period is the hybrid model that combine the possibility of working in the office and homes for a great percentage of companies the way that have impacted in the decrement of square meters in the office and at the same time has been generated savings in order to benefacting to the companies and also to the employees.

“The pandemic have many processes and change tendencies that have been gestating to a global level, home office is a concept is not a new concept, since many years companies came implementing as a new scheme of life of the employers Today we were looking how the companies design new mix or hybrid schemes where the job is continuing mixing interactions mixing periodic presential interactions in the office that motivate the team job to the resolution of troubles and has the organizational creative” said by his part Juan Manuel Torres, Newmark Colombia director. He added that the pandemic carried to new presence in the office that motivate the team job and the trouble resolution and the organizational activity” said by his part Juan Manuel Torres Newmark Director in Colombia.

He added that the pandemic carried to the developers to suspend or change their vocation in their project reason for which that the second semester of 2022 it will be a demand that it can’t be attended with a new inventory, with a change in market in the Tenat market to Landlord market. The chance is in the immediate developer of new projects in office A that integrate to the new tendencies in the post development- covid to their projects.

By it correspond to Brazil, Mariana Hanania of the investigation division that the market investigation market, indicate that it has been seen in the office role with the job model for the companies that have been converted in an key element where the employees were vaccinated the corporative building tenants that were preparing for the space occupation that were support but they used since the beginning of the pandemic. Many offices that have been in remodeling carry out an important volume of unbusy and an increment of the available cup influenced also by the new develop inventory specially in Sao Paulo.

Mean while in Argentina the panorama is not so different to the rest of the continent. In agree with Fernando Novoa, partner director of the office and Maylingh Contreras, of value investigation and data analysis of Newmark in Buenos Aires, the fact of having a clearer panorama over the pandemic evolution with the advance of the vaccinate produce some demand and have some transactions of the pandemic. Many projects have to begin during 2020-2021 put in stand by to the sign waiting clearer over the economical way of the country and the beginning of the recovering of the market, while in some projects were recovering until their residential use.

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