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Dec 2021 edition

Pedro Delgado Beltrán, director de la división de Hospitalidad de Newmark México y Latam.
  • Acapulco, Los Cabos, Cancún, Rivera Maya, Mar de Cortes are the big demand
  • Young people look for extreme aquatic activities

Mexico City, 1st December 2021: Mexico returns to the high point as one of the main destinations in the cruise industry, aspirating to come back as number 1 position in the global raking. This including Bahamas, and other destines of the American Unions, as one of the investments in the marine tourism, said Pedro Delgado Beltran, Hospitality Newmark general Direction in Mexico and Latin America.

He added to put Mexico in the tourism map between the cruise and marine industries, represent a showcase for present the resources offer, attractive and experiences that offer in the different destinies of the country. So is a great discussion between hotel companies, marine and cruise in relation to the society or competence in part as a result to identify an advantage and opportunities to these industries.

Pedro Delgado said that the nautical tourism in Mexico has a big interest and relevance inside the touristic activity. Following tendencies of the new traveler, they like of different unique experiences and they found in the navigation with recreative or sport points, one more option is to undertake or complement a holiday.

This activity is attractive to the sailors, mainly foreign that they like to fish in the sport way or simply to recreate themselves in places as Acapulco, Los Cabos, Cancún, Rivera Maya or Cortés Sea, an it is little talk although its enormous potential and growing. Moreover he indicates that the sport fish and boat journeys are consider for elderly people, even though now a days young people look for extreme activities through aquatic activities.

The growing in these touristic nautical activities has brought strong investments in marine where annually are received more than 10 thousand shipments in order to the Touristic Marine Association (AMMT) with 32 marines operating in the national territory representing to the 70% of the investment.

The last initiative is of a great rise in order to put in a higher place in the nautical tourism through a great regional structure and equipment for the recreative and sport navigation it was through the Presidential Project Cortes Sea (2000-20006) it is known also as Nautical Stair, since a development focus of a regional touristic situation, is a project to modern and built totally 29 nautical stairs, an earth bridge that connect the Oceans, Pacific and Cortes Sea. Dried marine,
support workshops. The stairs were projected in order to foment the navigation, serving as entrance doors to the touristic regions for the principal participant identities (Baja California, Baja California sur, Sonora, Sinaloa, and Nayarit) the project present during the real state crisis, the environmental precisions and the federal administration change the priorities, expose the Hospitality Division of Newmark Mexico and Latin American director.

He added that in the American market continue growing and manufacture ship companies continue incorporating to new models from their offer. Even though the morring or position slips in the American coasts, they continue without achieving the growing balance. The Mexican coasts offer an viable option for these ships that found their house in Mexican destinies from the Pacific to Cortes sea or moreover the Caribe. This condition presents opportunities for many projects about mixtures in a marine thing that could combine the nautical service, recreation spaces, living, and commercial areas.

Most of the time Marine receive ships that goes to the 25 and until to 125 foot that are with the crew and foreign travelers principally (aprox 80%), and most frequently during winter temporary and summer. The marines take in account with a channer of navigation with a deep access. The shipments achieve to have more over the electrical service, sweet water, security, gas and boat ramp.

If it is good the cruise passengers, boats and other ships, including crew are consider as excursionists (they stay in their destiny) this has no limit in the next holiday, the cruise passenger and the nautical sports passenger opt by a particular destiny in order that they could concentrate in a deep way, to get in the place and feel like living the experience there. That is why that in the experience tourist development, the product gets better, the different ports, the competition and
service quality, technology use for the tourist principal destinies in order to be known in the world it must be available and with sufficient and attractive information to support the travel decision, finally said Pedro Delgado Beltran Division Hospitality Director of Newmark Mexico and Latam.

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